Healthy New Towns project- Ebbsfleet Garden City

Kerri French - 21 March 2018

Ebbsfleet Garden City, Healthy New Town Programme is a partnership between Ebbsfleet Development Corporation, and Dartford, Gravesham and Swanley, Clinical Commissioning Group, with support from Kent County Council.  

The Healthy New Towns Programme is an NHS England initiative which has awarded Healthy New Town status to 10 new communities across England which aim to:

  • Shape new towns, neighbourhoods and communities to promote health and wellbeing, prevent illness and keep people independent
  • Radically rethink delivery of health and care services in areas free from legacy constraints, supporting learning about new models of integrated care
  • Spread learning and good practice to other local areas and other national programmes
  • Ebbsfleet Garden City is the largest of the pilots, with ambitions of up to 15,000 new homes and 30,000 new jobs

Through the Ebbsfleet Garden City Healthy New Town Programme we will;

  • Put new and existing residents in control of managing their own health and well-being, by giving them the necessary information and providing choice
  • Promote a vibrant community with opportunities for everyone to get involved
  • Improve overall Quality of Life for everyone, including improved health outcomes, better housing, education, employment and environmental opportunities environment, including 7 new and upgraded City Parks of up to 192 hectares across the Garden City
  • Deliver an inclusive built environment, including up to 15,000 ‘lifetime homes’ in safe and attractive neighbourhoods where residents can choose to live independently at home throughout their life

The vision for Ebbsfleet Garden City:
is as a ‘Healthy New Town where London meets the Garden of England’. The Garden City works for everyone, offering opportunities for better health and well-being through engagement with the built environment, fostering positive behaviour change from residents who actively participate in the use of our blue and green resources. 

The Garden City offers a sustainable and innovative approach to provision of local infrastructure including health services that enable effective new models of care to be delivered in appropriate multipurpose settings. Garden City citizens, who live in and around Ebbsfleet are highly motivated and actively benefit from the Garden City resources including smart technologies that they have helped to identify, design and maintain.

Through the Healthy New Town Programme we will deliver:

  • An exemplar built environment which supports independent living at home for longer
  • Secure access to an active and safe green environment
  • A new digitally enabled and patient centred ‘model of care’ for service delivery
  • A world-class new Health, Education and Innovation Quarter at Ebbsfleet Central
  • A community-led radical upgrade to prevention, self-care and public health
  • A range of new community facilities serving local people’s needs and preferences
  • Improved Quality of Life Outcomes for everyone, including through adult and child health.

For more information visit the Ebbsfleet Development Corporation website here