Further Charitable Giving from BetterPoints Users

Uzma Mukhtar - 21 December 2017

BetterPoints users are a generous bunch! More charities have been sent donations from us in the last month, including some local Reading based charities. A whopping £715.55 was sent to the following recipients in November and December 2017

Alzheimer's Society


Lifecentre Salford


Royal National Lifeboat Institution


Hounslow Cycling


The Cycle-Smart Foundation


Warley Woods Community Trust


British Heart Foundation


Cancer Research UK




Alzheimer's Society


Daisy's Dream




Sebastian's Trust


Water Aid


World Land Trust


Sport in Mind



To date a total of £3,425.45 has been disbursed to a variety of charities across the UK. You can find out further information about all the charities listed on the Donate section of the website.

How do BetterPoints manage the donations?

When a charity reaches a threshold of £20 worth of points, we contact the charity for their payment details and we then make a BACS transfer. We don't take any commission from the donations or for making the transfers. We aim to process payments every couple of months. Once we have a charity's details and they reach the threshold, it is automatically placed into the monthly payment schedule. We then email them once payments have been made, and send across Gift Aid information if requested. If you regularly make contributions to charity, please ensure your contact details are up to date so we can include full postal addresses for Gift Aid purposes.


How can charities take advantage of BetterPoints? What are the benefits of joining BetterPoints for a charity or retailer?

Charities can promote the use of BetterPoints to their contributor base as an easy fundraising tool. BetterPoints are a financially backed digital currency. This means that when someone donates BetterPoints to your charity, you get the full value in real cash (1,000 points are equivalent to £1.) The BetterPoints community is growing fast and our portal and app offer great promotional channels for your organisation. Many users have enough BetterPoints to donate on a regular basis, which will help introduce you to new supporters.


To see which other charities and organisations have benefited from your donations – see here.

If you have any queries about the charities listed or wish to add a local cause, write into us at customercare@betterpoints.uk