Change how people travel, sustainably

Bring active engagement and real evidence to your transport innovations

Our Behaviour Change Management System (BCMS) gives you the tools to deliver targeted interventions that evolve rapidly and deliver results quickly.

Develop new interventions or extend existing initiatives to incentivise new behaviours, encourage them to flourish and generate rich data to demonstrate success.

BetterPoints BCMS

  • Deliver tangible changes in behaviour and mode shift
  • Replace single occupancy vehicle journeys with sustainable choice like increased cycling and walking
  • Rich, configurable mix of incentives for engaging with smarter transport programmes
  • Real, hard evidence for interventions that scale well and across populations
  • Smartphone app for tracking progress and motivating users
  • Sophisticated, evolving algorithms track users by type of travel activity.

In Reading...

In 2017, BikeSmart encouraged local people to travel more by bicycle. 65% of those surveyed said it encouraged them to change their travel behaviour.

“I dropped a stone in weight and feel much fitter. BetterPoints provided encouragement to make the bike my primary means of transport for commuting.”

“Having BikeSmart has encouraged me to cycle more often when previously I would have taken the car or bus.”

“Thank you for getting me back on a bike after 20 years!”

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In Birmingham...

Nearly 3,500 people took to cycling, walking or running in the Brum Breathes cleaner air programme and recorded more than 20,000 activities. If those activities replaced journeys in a medium-sized car, they saved more than 20 tonnes of CO2e.

In York...

After a winter programme, 55% of people surveyed said they had walked more as a result of using the BetterPoints app and 30% said they had cycled more.

In Bologna...

15,000 people took part in Bella Mossa, a six-month incentivised sustainable transport programme and recorded over a million activities.

‘There are almost 60 cars for 100 inhabitants here in Bologna,’ says Giuseppe Liguori, European Project Manager at our partner, SRM (Bologna’s local transport authority).

‘We want to decrease this kind of ownership of cars but also we want to decrease the use of private motorised vehicles.’

‘A lot of people are talking about this campaign and we are very satisfied with the level of engagement,’ says Giuseppe.

It is really a big success,’ he says.

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