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Healthy Planet

Healthy Planet has been created to inspire, encourage and support individuals and businesses around the world to make a difference to themselves, their children and the planet.With the human population at its highest level and growing, our planet is feeling an enormous strain. This makes it increasingly difficult for the Earth to provide sufficient food, water and habitats for humans and nature. Most disturbing is the way our children will be affected. Lifespans are predicted to decrease for new generations unless things change.Thousands of development, conservation and community organisations are attempting to tackle these pressures, but their efforts are often fragmented and poorly funded. Healthy Planet puts you at the centre of forging positive change by demonstrating how small steps can make a big difference. Take responsibility for making change. Choose one of our activities and work towards a healthier planet."Books for free" is a healthy planet initiative that offers FREE books to communities. To keep our shops open as much as possible we need outgoing and friendly volunteers to sort and display donated books and interact with the public to promote the initiative. With your help we can continue saving these wonderful books from being sent to landfill as well as providing great resources to your community.