Berkshire Cancer Centre
London Road

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Macmillan Cancer Information Centre

The Macmillan Cancer Information Centre is based in the Berkshire Cancer Centre at the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust. The centre provides free information and support services for anyone affected by cancer. We can arrange for people with, or affected by cancer to obtain information about cancer in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. You can take the time to share your concerns, or to ask questions and get up to date information. If you cannot visit the Macmillan Information Centre, we have a telephone service, with an answer phone and can arrange to call you at home. We have a comprehensive range of leaflets, books, audio and video tapes on the subject of cancer, as well as access to the Internet. We will be happy to guide you through information materials and websites focusing on cancer and other health-related issues, if you need assistance. If the information you require is not available we will try to get for you. We can give you a face-to-face support; offer a listening ear of put you in contact with the patient support groups in the area. The information centre has close links with the Cancer Specialist Nurses and could link you in to their service if appropriate.