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Reading Dusseldorf Association

Founded in 1947 the Reading Dusseldorf Association promotes links of friendship between Reading and Dusseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. We have one of the oldest Anglo-German links and are formally twinned, with the link actively encouraged by the two Councils. Our main activities are to encourage groups, clubs, societies and companies to establish links with corresponding organisations in Dusseldorf and to run exchange visits. We also undertake educational and social activities mainly for our members. In most years, in addition to our Annual Meeting, we hold a wine and cheese evening with a speaker on Germany or German cultural affairs; a dinner; a barbecue; a social event (often a visit) in late summer; and regular committee meetings. Other organisations such as choirs, orchestras, churches, schools and universities and sports clubs hold exchanges and other joint activities with Dusseldorf equivalents.