29 Star Bank Road

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Edinburgh Direct Aid

We are a charity registered in Scotland. We deliver aid in person to those who have suffered from war and ethnic cleansing. We make sure the Aid gets to those for whom it's meant! We have an all-volunteer UK staff,  we do not use paid advertisements,  we do not pay commission to fundraisers. All donations go to support projects in Bosnia and Kosovo,  to buy aid goods,  and to keep our convoys rolling. With funds from international donors such as the European Commission,  the US Bureau of Population and Refugees and the Portuguese Embassy in Sarajevo,  we rebuild burned and bombed-out schools and houses in Bosnia and Kosovo,  and help people of all ethnic groups to return to their homes. We have set up a day-care centre in Sarajevo,  for children with special needs,  as a memorial to Christine Witcutt,  killed in an EDA convoy delivering aid to the city.