35-39 London Street

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African and Caribbean Community Group

Reading African Caribbean Community Association Ltd, also known as ACCG, is a charitable organisation established in order to open a community centre in Reading to serve as an accessible resource to empower the black community. ACCG is a Registered Charity run by Trustees in accordance with the Charity Commission rules. Our core objectives are to work directly with the African and Caribbean groups within Reading. We aim to strengthen established organisations, helping to build capacity, and develop new groups and community projects. We encourage community cohesion and aim at unifying our strengths and efforts to build a healthy and strong community.The restoration of the Central Building, home to one of Reading�s most iconic land marks 'THE MURAL' and seeing it returned to community use, is a significant first step in our drive to deliver on our core objective.The centre, once opened, will allow greater inter-generational connectivity within the African Caribbean community. The sharing and availability of resources will provide a beacon of hope for the disaffected and the needy.